Goddess Aviva is an expert and lifestyle dominatrix with breathtaking foot

Goddess Aviva is an expert and lifestyle dominatrix with breathtaking foot

She has a tried-and-true foot care routine to keep them not only stunning for her submissives but healthy for herself while they are indeed naturally gorgeous. Several of her male submissive clients arrive at her to indulge a foot fetish, an intimate fetish Goddess Aviva claims is fairly normal. (Indeed, a foot fetish is among the list of most frequent fetishes, as well as a source that is healthy of in lots of individuals’s intercourse lives.)

A base fetish is significantly diffent for every single individual that has one, but usually involves a want to worship foot through going for massage treatments or kissing them. People that have base fetishes could also get sexual joy from tasks with facets of humiliation, as an example having some body rub their legs in it: This work may be component on an electric change for which submissives cede control for their domme. We begged Goddess Aviva to share with you she kindly obliged with us her secret foot beauty routine, and. Into the goddess’s own terms, here is exactly how she gets her heavenly foot.

1. Exfoliate the feet within the bath employing a stone that is pumice.

“I wash them frequently. Whenever I shower i take advantage of a pumice rock, a brown normal one, to help make my foot actually soft and steer clear of calluses. We simply take actually proper care of my foot. It’s essential; we invest therefore enough time on our foot through the day. They carry us through life and deserve large amount of love.”

2. Try coconut oil as opposed to human body cream.

“I prefer coconut oil being a moisturizer. After I’ve used my pumice rock, we get free from the bath and slather my entire body in coconut oil — specially your toes. Then put socks on and rest using them on. if you would like do additional moisturizing, once you’ve pumiced and exfoliated, slather on coconut oil and”

3. Choose for gel polish for durable and pedicures that are long-lasting.

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